Consulting Services Offered by Bilingual Experts

Motivational/Keynote Speaker

Ms. Perales can come to your events or training activities and give inspiring speeches. She is a well-respected and professional keynote speaker, and her messages are very articulate and engaging.



In certain situations, translations made by a professional are important if not outright required. We can help you if you are ever facing these circumstances, performing services such as translating a document from English to Spanish or visa-versa. After completing the process, the translator will then sign and certify that the translation is faithful and accurate.

Application Assistance

When it comes to filling out applications, all information asked must be given with accuracy—any wrong detail can result in a refused or denied application. This task can be especially difficult for those who have limited English skills. We can help you read and understand information and instructions that you can correctly fill out every form. Rely on us to assist you in every kind of application, including immigration.



Come to us if you encounter any problems that you can’t solve on your own. We will identify the root issue and create a systematic solution to address it.

Notary Public Services

As your certified notaries, we will serve as disinterested parties that will perform various legal tasks. These include verifying the identity of the document signers, administering an oath, and acknowledging that a document was signed willingly by the concerned parties, and other processes. Currently, we have two Notary Publics. It should be noted that we do not serve as lawyers.


Tax Preparation

Our team is well versed in the tax preparation processes mandated by the IRS, and we can assist you in English or Spanish. Specializing in income tax service, we provide reliable and individualized services to our clients. Talk to one of our text preparers to get started or give us your information, and we will contact you once the job is done.

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