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It’s important to understand that in certain situations it is necessary for a translation to be done by professional who is specialized in that field.  In this office, we are capable of translating a document from English to Spanish or visa-versa.

In addition, once the translator has finished the job, he or she signs and certifies that it is a faithful translation.

Application Assistance

Filling out an application in its entirety can be difficult even without limited English.  Missed or omitted information can result in a refused or denied application.  Reading and following instructions is very important and we are very good at it.  We can help.

*All types of applications, including immigration


We understand that someone is coming to us because they have a problem they'd like to solve, and they don't know how to solve it on their own, so they've approached us.  We want to help.

Our job is to identify the underlying problem, and then determine where, who, and how, together, we find and obtain an appropriate solution. 

Notary Public Services

A Notary Public's role is to serve as a disinterested party, properly verify the identity of the document signers, administer an oath, or acknowledge that the document was signed willingly by the person(s) who were required to physically appear before the Notary Public, and record the signing of the document in the Notary Public's Journal.  WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS.

Servicios Bilingues currently has 2 Notary Publics!

Tax Preparation

 Our office has years of experience and will assist you in English or Spanish.  We place special emphasis on reliable and individualized income tax services.

Sit down with one of our tax preparers, or drop off your information with us, and we'll give you a call when we have them ready for you!

Motivational/Keynote Speaker

 Available as speaker to your events/training activities.



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