Motivational/keynote speaker

Truly an inspiration…. Empowerment Emphasis Extraordinaire!

Attention is important. Interest is essential. Passion is key. When its’ crucial to get your point across, Norma B. Perales provides a unique and memorable keynote experience.

Over the years she has collected life lessons, true experience, and a unique perspective that give her keynotes and authenticity and lasting resonance that assures the success of your event and future projects.

Ms. Perales is a respected and recognized leader, top performer, and outstanding motivator with a special stage presence that makes her easily relatable to the audience. Her wit and humor keep an audience in the moment to the very end. She is a “been there and done that” kind of person whose honesty and transparency will make you an instant fan.

She has a knack for fashioning her speaking that aligns with your event and organizational objectives.  Her matter of fact presentations makes it easy to apply what is presented to the everyday lives of the audience, going from inspiration to implementation.

Ms. Perales's inspiration through keynote speaking and consulting, supported by experience, enables an audience to transform energy into action. She is truly the Empress of Empowerment! 


Norma Perales's is owner and operator of Servicios Bilingues, a consulting and services provider.

Past and current experiences/achievements include:

· An experienced Mediation/Motivational speaker 

· Volunteer Trainer Specialist for Domestic Violence organizations

· Owner & Operator – Bilingual Consulting Service/Servicios Bilingues since 1993 

· Organizer/creator of Club de Oro, a senior citizen support group; Stonehaven Men’s Group; SEGCC original subgroup representing the community of SE Georgetown

· Coalition Coordinator of over 100 members representing over 40 agencies

· Certified instructor of Search Institute’s Developmental Assets and Active Parenting

· Formed the first Spanish speaking women’s support group and a bilingual Family Support group in Georgetown, TX

· Formed and co-chaired the Madison County Hispanic Association, Madison NE

· Founded and was Executive Director of SEGCC – SE Georgetown Community Council, Georgetown, TX

· Owned and operated two Bilingual Newspapers, in both Texas and Nebraska

· INS recognized Immigration Provider; Citizenship preparation coach and ESL instructor

· Civil and Criminal Court Interpreter

Civil Service includes:

· Experienced public speaker and fundraiser for various non-profit organizations

· Served on over nineteen boards and committees ranging from housing, seniors, homeless, education, legal aid, children’s clubs, organizations, and community groups.

· Currently a notary public for state of Texas and in the past for Nebraska and Iowa 

· Two term appointees as Commissioner for the State of Nebraska’s Mexican-American Commission (6 years)

· Governor’s Task Force on Family Preservation and the Protection of Children appointee, (for which she received an ‘Admiralship’ in the Navy of Nebraska, an honor meant to be a ceremonial acknowledgment of Nebraskans who have shown outstanding citizenship)

· Member of Texas Congressman John Carter’s Hispanic Congressional Council