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Experienced and Honest Consulting

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Our Experience

 Since 1987, we have made it our mission to earn clients through honesty, hard work, and a sincere approach to knowing your individual needs and situations for proper consulting.   It is about how we are building relationships of trust that endure.

Why Us?

Because you trust us.  Because we know your needs.  We share your community concerns, as well as your personal priorities.  We strive to help you resolve your issues and fill your needs.  That's what we do.

Individualized Services

 Everyone who walks through our doors has a unique need to be filled.  We are here to find out what that is and how we can help to fill it.  Once we know your particular situation, we can work with you to resolve any barriers or issues that keep you from succeeding.  We also offer notarial, consulting, tax, and many other services at our location.  We are here to connect your world. 

Services for Small Businesses

 Our staff can assist your small business with filling out any needed state and federal forms; translating any instructions and/or safety related materials as well as provide actual orientation and/or training for employees. We can assist Title companies; Banking transactions; Attorney/client visits, etc, whenever an interpreter may be needed. 

Income Tax Preparation Service

We offer income tax preparation services in English or Spanish. We are here to help with obtaining , ITIN's as well as EIN's for self employed persons. The IRS is intimidating enough in English but when your English is limited, you need to speak with someone who can truly understand you and your particular situation. 


Fundraiser/ Changemaker

 "...I want to thank you for your speech at... - I think it was very effective and we raised more in pledges than we ever had before."

-Stephanie B. (2019)

"Norma is that unique leader who is truly an agent for change. She exhibits great skill in identifying and articulating the need for a particular resource, then garners buy-in and leverages relationships to create solutions"

-Suzy P. (2018)

Civic Service Minded

"Public Service is one of the most important responsibilities a citizen can undertake, and I appreciate the commitment you bring to your task.  Honesty and integrity are the most important attributes you bring to public service.  Thank you for your willingness to serve."

-E. Benjamin N. (1995)

"I wanted to let you know...I could listen to you talk all night...wonderful and uplifting experience.  You are quite a woman; I am one of  your many admirers.  Your message about being significant stuck home with all those in attendance.  Thanks for all that you do.  You are significant!"

-Holly S. (2012)


"Norma, there aren't enough words of appreciation that can accurately describe how much you do, the lives you touch, and the impact you make while telling your stories.  Basically, in over 30 years of our involvement, you have inspired us the most!  Thank you."

-Jen & Francie C. (2007)

En Español

"Buenas noches. Quiero hacer una recomendación a todos ustedes quienes se toman el tiempo de leer este mensaje a serca de la señora Norma Perales: quien es una persona muy emprendedora que hace su trabajo con una gran dedicación, empeño y pone todo lo que esta a su alcanse para dar lo mejor.

"En lo que a mi respecta yo tengo mas de ocho años de conocerla y desde entonces creo que soy una de sus clientas que siempre estoy hay para cualquier asunto, ella se a encargado de hacerme mis taxas, traducciones, llenado de formas entre otras cosas mas. Y se que quienes la conozcan y les haya ayudado no me dejaran mentir, al igual que quienes vallan a consultarla por primera vez tampoco se arrepentirán."

-Vicki R. (2016)